What to expect

If this is your first time at a Toastmasters club, welcome! A Toastmasters meeting features 3 major parts:

  1. Short impromptu speeches, which we call Table Topics.
  2. Longer prepared speeches
  3. Evaluations for the Table Topics and prepared speeches
Not only do you learn how to give prepared speeches in front of a group, but you also practice impromptu speaking, and using your listening skills by giving evaluations!

For guests, all we ask is to keep an open mind and to have fun! There will be socializing, a little bit of introducing yourself, and maybe more, if you're up to it!

If you're interested in joining, you'll fill out a membership application and pay membership fees. Our membership dues are paid twice a year, are pro-rated, and are based on the month you join. If you joined today and wanted to give a speech in June, the fee would be $58.89

For new members, we'll start you off with small meeting roles, such as timer or ah-counter, where you don't have to prepare a speech, but report how other speakers did. For instance, the timer mans our timer machine and reports the times of each speaker out loud at several parts of the meeting. Ah-counter counts the filler words, such as "ah, um, so, you know, like" for each speaker and reports them out loud at the end of the meeting. They're small roles, but it's a good warm-up for longer speeches and more involved roles, especially if you're not used to speaking in front of a group!

New members also receive a manual called "Competent Communication" and there are 10 speech projects inside. They start by focusing on good speech writing, such as "getting to the point" and word choice, then develop into actual speaking techniques such as vocal variety and body language in later speeches. You'll be evaluated during the meeting, and given things to work on. ("Evaluator" is a meeting role too!) We also have a mentorship program, if you're interested. We're all here to help and learn from each other, no matter how experienced we are!