About Us

Crown City Toastmasters was established in 1995, and features a diverse, enthusiastic set of speakers! For 2014-2015, we are a Select Distinguished club.

What makes us special:

  • Extremely diverse crowd. Many Toastmasters clubs are established within companies, but our club membership spans many industries.  We have students, teachers, scientists, city employees, designers, bankers, entrepreneurs, and more! You're guaranteed to learn something new (and usually fun!) from someone at every meeting. And whatever you do, you'll fit in!
  • Evening meeting time. Many Toastmasters meetings are held during the lunch hour, but ours go for 2 hours during the evening. That maximizes networking time and ensures that it's fun and relaxing for everyone!
  • Once every two weeks. Many Toastmasters meetings are held every week, but we've found that having a week in between makes the most of speech preparation time. 
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